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Sumatra Harimau Tiger

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Tasting notes: Tart acidity, smooth and savory with cocoa, clove and citrus pith.

Our freshly roasted Sumatran Harimau Tiger coffee captures the classic characteristics of a Sumatran coffee while also offering a cleaner, sweeter profile and higher cup quality than a standard Mandheling. Sumatra is known for producing coffees with rich, earthy, and herbaceous characteristics. Many Sumatran producers use a process called wet-hulling to speed up the time it takes to dry the coffee beans in the humid climate.  This process is responsible for many of the flavor characteristics for which Sumatran coffee is known.

We preserve these flavors and characteristics through our roasting techniques, product care, and freshness guarantee.

Due to the earthy tones of Sumatran coffee, it has a distinct flavor that does not appeal to everyone. If you are new to specialty coffee, you may want to try our Colombian first.  It has a smoother taste and is a customer favorite.

We recommend buying whole bean coffee as the flavor of coffee is best preserved in the whole bean state.

Our next roast date is Saturday, May 27.  Please place your order by May 26. Choose the shipping option to have your order shipped on Monday, May 29, or choose the local pickup option to pick up you order between Monday and Wednesday, May 29-31.  The local pickup location is 275 Lauschtown Rd, Denver, PA  17517.