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Single Origin Colombian

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Our Colombian coffee comes from an association of coffee producers known as Los Naranjos, which is based in the Department of Huila, Colombia.  This high-caliber group of 52 farmers is the quintessential example of small-parcel Colombian coffee culture.  The sharing of techniques and practices between this group of producers is one of the most important factors in the progress of this association, and with an average farm size of 4 hectares (about 10 acres), the success of the group is absolutely contingent upon the discipline of the individual.  Our supplier, Café Imports, has established a sustainable relationship with the association that, according to a Los Naranjos representative, “gives the growers the best deal they can have and consumers a fantastic coffee.”

Colombia’s size and varying terrain produces a large variety of coffee profiles.  The Huila region where the Los Naranjos association is located is at a higher altitude than many other coffee-producing regions of Colombia, resulting in a coffee profile with complex acidity and heightened florality.  Los Naranjos coffee is harvested at full-ripeness, fully washed, and patio/parabolic dried to ensure a cup that is equally bright, fruity, and complex with a soft and sweet body.