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Tasting notes: Balanced with citric acidity, sugary mouthfeel, cocoa, almond, and lemon flavors.

The rich flavors of our single-origin, Arabica Colombian coffee are preserved through proven roasting techniques, freshness and optimum packaging.  We guarantee our customers shipping within 24 hours after roasting. We offer free delivery to the Denver area and a discounted delivery fee to the Ephrata area of Lancaster county, PA (see details below).

We recommend our Colombian coffee for your first purchase.  Its smooth, nutty flavor is easy to enjoy and does not require an acquired taste.  Colombian coffee is a favorite among many as it has one of the most recognizable coffee flavors in North America.

Our current offering comes from the Nariño region.  The higher altitude of this southern part of Colombia results in complex acidity and heightened florality.  Enjoy a cup that is sweet with citric acidity, having almond, apple, and lemon flavors. 

We recommend buying whole bean coffee as the flavor of coffee is best preserved in the whole bean state.

The following zip codes qualify for free local delivery: 17517, 17578, 19501. 

The following towns also qualify for free deliveries: Terre Hill and Bowmansville.

The following zip codes qualify for a flat rate delivery fee of $3: 17522, 17501

All orders received by 5 PM EST on Thursday will be delivered that Friday.  Orders received after 5 PM EST on Thursday will be delivered the following Friday.  Non-local orders ship on Tuesdays and Fridays. We anticipate our delivery area will expand as our business grows.