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Simple Tips to Better Coffee

Enjoy this fun video on some simple things you can change to improve your coffee experience at home.

Our four basics tips are:

1. Always brew your coffee with good tasting water. Even the best coffee in the world can be ruined when brewed with bad tasting water.

2. Buy coffee whole bean instead of pre-ground. Pre-ground coffee is often stale and loses it's flavor significantly faster then coffee in a whole bean state.

3. Buy freshly roasted coffee. Typically coffee is the most flavorful within the first few weeks after it has been roasted. Always buy coffee that includes a roast date on the packaging.

4. Always grind your beans immediately before brewing and make sure you are grinding your whole beans to the coarseness setting appropriate for your brew type.

Here's some general grind settings for popular brewing methods: - Standard drip brewer: Medium - French Press: Coarse - Pore Over: Medium/fine